Those are 5 of the top Google SEO guidelines to follow in 2023

As Google’s algorithms have developed over time, search engine optimization has become increasingly sophisticated. However, one of the best ways to achieve SEO continues to be to follow Google’s recommendations and best practices. Here are the top 5 of the most important Google SEO rules to abide by in 2023 if you want to stay on top and prepare your website for search engine results.

Provide Unique Content With Original Value

Creating useful, high-quality content that informs and satisfies user intent remains one of the most important SEO practices. Google wants pages that provide users with original, unique value to rank well. In 2023, focus your content strategy on:

•Making each page focused on a specific topic or answering one main question
•Using unique headlines and page titles
•Including key phrases naturally within the body copy
•Adding rich media elements like videos, images, and interactive elements
•Publishing new and updated content regularly
•Making pages fast, mobile-friendly, and accessible

Use Structured Data to Communicate Page Intent and Context

Adding structured data to your pages using formats like JSON-LD can help Google understand the purpose of your content and place it correctly in search results. Important types of structured data include:

•Article for articles and blog posts
•FAQPage for Q&A pages
•Product for e-commerce pages
•Recipe for recipes
•Review for product or service reviews
•Event for listing events

Make sure your structured data is accurate, valid, and matches the purpose and information on your page.

Pay Attention to Keywords – But Don’t Overdo It

While keywords remain vital for SEO, Google recommends a more natural approach to keyword usage. Avoid:

•Stuffing pages with repetitions of target keywords
•Writing headlines and meta descriptions only to match keywords
•Over-optimizing internal links and URLs for keywords

Instead, focus on:

•Identifying the main keywords and phrases searchers would use for the topic
•Naturally incorporating those keywords throughout copy as appropriate for the content
•Using synonyms, related terms, and longer-tail keyword variations

Aim for a keyword density between 1% to 3% per page.

Top 5 Must-Follow Google SEO Guidelines in 2023

Create Internal Links Thoughtfully to Convey Site Authority and Structure

Google uses internal linking patterns to determine a site’s authority, credibility, and content structure.

•Link to helpful, relevant pages within your site
•Use anchor text that matches the linked page title
•Avoid excessive self-linking and circular linking
•Avoid using “click here” as anchor text
•Prioritize linking to newer and most important pages first

Keep your linking both natural and strategic. Balance a conversational tone with proper thought put into which pages should be most prominently linked.

Optimize for Mobile-First and Full-Site Experience

Google now indexes mobile pages before desktop, so optimizing for mobile is critical. Make sure your site is:

•Responsive with a fluid layout that adapts to any screen size
•Optimized for touchscreen controls and input
•Fast-loading on mobile networks
•Accessible to screen readers

Also, design for a full-site experience, with:

•Logical, hierarchical navigation
•Consistent, usable forms
•Smooth interlinking between pages

Together, these ensure users have a great experience – on any device – which Google rewards.


These are the top 5 Google SEO guidelines for 2023. You will give yourself the best chance of success in Google’s search results by sticking to best practices that deliver helpful, mobile-optimized content structured to appropriately explain your site’s purpose and hierarchy. Throughout the year, keep monitoring Google’s suggestions and adjust your SEO strategy as necessary.

By adhering to best practices that deliver useful, mobile-optimized content structured to accurately communicate your site’s purpose and hierarchy, you’ll give yourself the best chance at success in Google’s search results. Continue evaluating Google’s recommendations throughout the year and adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.

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